Based in Bristol and Bath, Ex Radfords employee Chris Lovell, the owner of Revolve CI Ltd continues to offer the same products and services as Radfords did for over 30 years.

Home Cinema

Plasma Lcd Projectors ▪ Ceiling and wall brackets ▪ Motorized deployment systems ▪ DVD and Media Engine based systems ▪ Range of Amps that process music soundtracks and video images

System set up and Plasma hanging service

For people with existing equipment they have bought elsewhere or want relocating.

Hi-Fi Systems

Music Server CD and Turntable based systems ▪ Range of amps and speakers from traditional high performance to aesthetic lifestyle to blend with any décor ▪ Wireless speaker options for people who are unable or not prepared to run cables


Video and music distribution through the house ▪ Wireless and wired networks operated from a handset or wall mounted keypad ▪ Ability to listen to multiple sources of music in different rooms/zones ▪ View satellite free view and films via DVD or Media Engine.

Computer network solutions

Domestic and commercial ▪ Large/small scale CAT5/6 network solutions ▪ Secure Wireless home networks ▪ LAN/WAN configuration/maintenance ▪ High end multimedia PC’s ▪ Video and audio Streaming ▪ PC/Server maintenance ▪ Voice conferencing solutions ▪ Telephone system configuration


Lighting solutions via wireless remote control with multiple scene options We have accounts with most leading manufacturers in our fields.