Project Birchwood

Project Birchwood

2014 | 3 month project



  • Sony VPL-VW1100ES Projector
  • Stewart Acoustically Transparent Anamorphic Screen with full motorisation for the following screen ratios 4:3 16:9 2.35:1 2.40:1
  • Steinway & Sons Home cinema 
  • Oppo BDP-95 Blu-ray
  • Mid-atlantic pullout and rotate racks (Under the window seat)
  • Front Row Cinema Seats
  • Control4 Automation System with lighting control



After consultation with Steinway we needed alter the doorway to accommodate the boundary woofer in the front left corner. Next challenge was to create a stage floor with the interior design team, Id Inspired Design. This incorporated LED step lights. Careful consideration was given to the interior design requirements and all electronics had to be enclosed in a bespoke large window seat. Curved wall built to secure the anamorphic screen



Project Birchwood was a three month installation for Revolve CI and we again worked with interior designers Inspired Design. This project involved a number of key changes and considerations to the room in order for us to install the technology to result in a full home cinema.

After a consultation with Steinway, it was decided that the doorway has to be altered in order to accommodate the boundary woofer in the front of the room. In addition, we created a stage floor with the interior designers which cleverly incorporated LED step lights for that true cinema look and feel. Consideration also had to be given to the design requirements as we managed to conceal all the electronic in an enclosed bespoke large window seat.

A curved wall was also built to scecure the Steinway anamorphic screen. The front row are full experience cinema seats and to complete the installation the lighting was all managed via Control4 Automation System.